Therapeutic massage reduces pain, increases range of motion, promotes healing, relieves stress and improves sleep. Soft lighting and soothing music enhance your relaxation as Swedish massage eases muscle tension. If you suffer from lower back pain, tight neck and shoulder muscles, muscle aches or tightness, or a high level of stress, massage therapy can bring relief. 

Easy to fit into your busy schedule, massage focused on neck, back, shoulders and arms, or wherever your body needs it most. Perfect for a lunchtime pick-me-up, but available any time of day. 

An athlete recovers from exertion sooner, enhancing his performance, with massage. 

A longer massage raises the level of serotonin, which subdues anxiety and stress, creates pleasurable sensations and promotes feelings of satiety.  It reduces irritability and has a calming, comforting effect. It also helps control hunger and cravings. 




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